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Welcome to Kidz Cave Academy


Our focus is helping children develop his/her personality. Mind and body to his/her full potential, as well as providing quality care and a safe environment.


Your child will gain an understanding of the world around them and will strengthen their social skills while learning to co-operate with other children. Knowledge and curiosity are developed through language stimulation, art music activities, and by the way of challenging simple problems. Creative and constructive activities are provided in both free and guided play.


Our goal is to partnerships with families in caring for their children. We believe that a secure, nurturing environment promotes well-being and respectful relationships, and we encourage interaction between children and adults, and between children of different ages.


Kidz Cave Goals


For the child to

provide an environment that encourages and motivates on all levels: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical, and spiritual development.

provide a nurturing environment for children.

foster a sense of self-worth in each child.

recognize the importance of the individuality of each child.

treat each child with respect and understanding.

provide optimum nutrition for every child.

give the child optimum opportunity to experiment, explore and discover for himself/herself as much as possible in the environment.

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